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Our Massage Spa in Phnom Penh | Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

  • Do we have to disrobe entirely?
    That is your opinion but during all treatments you will be draped. Standard of draping are designed to ensure modesty and comfort for both the guest and therapist.
  • What are the spa recommendation and etiquette?
    Robe, slipper, traditional massage uniform and personal amenities are provided a long with complementary AQUA Spa healthy Fresh Fruit or Natural Juice . In consideration of other guests. We ask that all cellular phone and pagers are turned OFF while in the spa premise. To ensure professionalism, only the client receiving service is permitted in the treatment room. This is your time to relax and the therapist needs to focus on you. Advance reservations are strongly recommended
  • Should i make a reservation to secure my convenience time?
    Yes, You should make reservation to secure your convenience time to make sure or you can just walk in: Contact: 088 90 923 45 / 011 73 68 68
  • Will we have male or female therapists?
    Origanlly We have both male and female massage and spa therapists. If you request one over the other, we will do our best to accommodate your preference. But currently we have qualified female therapist. We will have a male sooner or later.
  • Is there any health condition priority?
    Please communicate any health condition such as high blood pressure, allergies and physical ailments, disabilities or pregnancy to our spa receptionist or your therapist during consultation process, before the commencement of the spa treatment.
  • What is the massage pressure requirement?
    To ensure your comfort please let our therapists know whether the pressure applied is suitable for your need, to ensure that you relax and received the perfect spa experience. Water: we recommend you drink water before and after treatment to help flush toxins from the body, avoiding headaches.
  • Do you have a social media proof that you are a legit spa?
    Oh , YES WE DO . We have our social media such as: Facebook Instagram Pinterest Youtube Tik Tok Twitter LinkedIn Google Map Location
  • Why do we have to go to your spa?
    The reason that you need to go to our spa because: - We prioritize our customer health, and your well-being. - Our Jacuzzi pool uses 100% natural water and no chlorine chemical. - Our massage treatment have tons of variety to choose and cheap too - Our service focus on 2 main things and that is: 1/ Physical 2/ Emotional - Our therapist and staff are 100% vaccinated and safe.
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