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AQUA SPA Signature – Energy 4 hands

Double The Hands, Double The Relaxation With Our 4 Hands Massage. Click here for more info.

  • 1 h
  • 43 US dollars
  • AQUA SPA - Massage and Sauna Phnom Penh

Service Description

Our unique signature 4 Hands Massages combination of two classic therapists' massages in Phnom Penh, with acupressure and aromatic oils, helps to release blocked energy and replenish your body with new, fresh energy. Enjoy the deep relaxation, increased circulation, and stimulation of the lymph system. Four hand massage is a highly popular and indulgent bodywork technique that involves two therapists working simultaneously on one client. This type of massage provides a truly unique experience, as each therapist will focus on a different part of the body, resulting in a deeply relaxing and therapeutic session. With twice the number of hands, four hand massage allows for a more comprehensive approach to massage therapy, providing greater stimulation and increasing blood flow to the muscles. This type of massage is an ideal way to combat stress, as it promotes deep relaxation and encourages the release of endorphins, which can help to alleviate tension and anxiety. Four hand massage is also an effective remedy for general muscle tension and pain, as the therapists can work together to provide deep tissue and Swedish massage techniques that target specific problem areas. The use of synchronized movements by the therapists ensures that the client receives equal attention all over the body, providing a more complete and sophisticated level of therapy. The harmony between the two massage therapists creates a unique flow, which reaches a level of relaxation that is not achievable in traditional massages. In conclusion, four hand massage is an excellent way to experience ultimate relaxation, deep and comprehensive muscle tissue therapy, and promote general wellbeing. It is highly recommended for anyone looking to achieve a more profound physical and mental state of relaxation while experiencing a luxurious pampering session.

Contact Details

  • 011 736 868

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